DUAN Wenjie


Associate Professor in Social Psy & Social Work

Department of Sociology, Wuhan University


PhD in Applied Social Sciences

City University of Hong Kong (QS Ranking 55/100, 2016)

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  • duan.w@whu.edu.cn

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  • 武汉大学社会学系副教授、硕士生导师;获香港城市大学应用社会科学专业哲学博士;美国加利福尼亚大学戴维斯分校访问研究员;湖北省楚天学者、武汉大学珞珈青年学者,武汉大学人文社会科学青年学者学术发展计划学术团队建设负责人。世界华人生活质素学会(WACQL)终生委员;担任Research on Social Work Practice(SSCI)编委、Frontiers in Psychology(SSCI)特邀副主编(Guest Associate Editor)和PLoS ONE(SCI)编委会成员、学术编辑;同时为15本SCI/SCI/CSSCI期刊审稿人。Frontiers in Psychology期刊“积极教育”(Positive Education)专刊共同主编(Co-Editor-in-Chief)。在香港城市大学提前8个月荣获哲学博士学位并作为人文与社会科学领域唯一得主获城大博士学术最高奖“周亦卿研究生院奖学金”(Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Scholarship)。目前主要在社会心理学与社会工作领域内从事社会指标、生命质量、健康促进等方面的研究。

  • 擅长汲取西方基本理论与原理的合理内核,将具有中国文化特色的本土元素融入后,逐渐发展出具有“跨文化一致性”的理论模型与测量工具(如三维度品格优点模型Three-Dimensional Character Strengths Model);再将这些理论与测量工具运用到不同的情境中,在逐步探究其内部机制的基础上,通过基于个体或社区层面的干预项目构建与评估,帮助个体或组织改善生活质量、提高健康水平,促进幸福感及正向的成长或发展。相关成果发表在Research On Social Work Practice,Journal of Happiness Studies,Psycholgocial Assessment和Quality of Life Research等SSCI一区期刊上。

  • 截止2018年10月,已出版中文学术专著2本(合著),撰写英文学术专著2章,撰写中文编著章节2章;发表SSCI检索论文35篇(第一或通讯作者32篇),CSSCI期刊论文14篇(第一或通讯作者13篇);其中ESI高引文章(Highly Cited Paper)1篇,中国人民大学复印报刊资料全文转载2篇、新华文摘(网络版)全文转载1篇。累计影响因子71.839,5年累计影响因子86.747;谷歌学术(Google Scholar)引用682次,i10指数为22

  • He is an associate professor of Sociology and Social Work, as well as supervisor of MPhil/Master students in the Department of Sociology, Wuhan University. He obtained Ph.D. of Applied Social Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong. Now I am serving Chu Tian Scholar of Hubei Province, Luo Jia Young Scholar of Wuhan University and in charge of the Sociology of Happiness and Positive Education Research Team belonging to an Academic Development Plan for Young Scholars in Humanities and Social Science in Wuhan University. He is also appointed as the Editorial Board for Research on Social Work Practice, Assistant Editor for Chinese Sociological Dialogue, Guest Associate Editor of Frontiers in Psychology and academic editor of PLoS ONE, as well as the reviewer of more than 22 peer-reviewed journals (SSCI/SCI/CSSCI). He was awarded Ph.D. 8 months in advance and the Chow Yei Ching Graduate Studies Scholarship, the Top Honors for Ph.D., as the sole winner in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong. At present, he mainly engaged in social indicators, quality of life, and health promotion in social psychology and social work areas.

  • He specialized in Combined Emic-Etic Approach, which integrating indigenous modification of Chinese cultural characteristics into basic theories and principles in Western countries; and gradually developing the intercultural theory and measurements (e.g., Three-Dimensional Character Strengths Model). Then applying these theories and measurements into different contexts, conducting in-depth studies to clarify the internal mechanisms, constructing intervention programs at the individual, community, and society level to facilitate the improvement of the quality of life, health level, well-being, and positive growing. The outcomes are published in Q1 journals such as Research On Social Work Practice, Journal of Happiness Studies,Psychological Assessment, and Quality of Life Research etc..

  • By January 2018, he has published 2 Chinese monographs (co-authored), wrote 2 chapters of the monographs in English and 2 chapters of the Chinese, published 35 SSCI papers, and 14 Chinese-SSCI journal articles. Among them, there was one ESI highly cited paper, two full-text reprinted papers by Information Center for Social Science of Renmin University of China, and one full-text reprinted paper by Xinhua Digest (online version). The cumulative impact factor was 71.839, and the cumulative impact factor for five-year was 86.757. The Google-based citation is 682 and the I10 index was 22.